compiles data on 2,000 townlands in County Cavan

Michael & Catherine - which was first launched in 2015 has been completely overhauled and relaunched in April 2021 by Michael McShane and Catherine Kerr. The emphasis has been refocused on each of the 2000 townlands of County Cavan. Every townland is unique and Cavan Townlands has created an individual page for each one. The new format is designed to bring together the historical data which Cavan Townlands has uniquely researched along with the more generally available data which has been edited and improved on in terms of access and quality.

The main data sources are briefly listed below and most come with supporting articles which provide further background and tips on searching. As time allows, Cavan Townlands plan to upload more unique records and articles, so please do return on a regular basis. The website hosts are constantly seeking further historical information and any contributions including articles, books, photographs, maps etc are greatly appreciated and all contributors will be fully credited.

A search by townland will produce the following results in one location:

  • Location map and basic townland information along with specific articles relevant to the townland where available.

  • 1609 Bodley plantation map analysis for the townlands of the parishes of Kildallan, Killashandra and Scrabby/Gowna. 137 townlands have been identified and classified. Find out what your townland was called in 1609 and who the land was granted to under the Plantation of Ulster. The name of the newly created estate, or proportion, can be found here and the original maps can be viewed.

  • 1652 Commonwealth survey data and maps for all parishes. After the quashing of the 1641 rebellion, the lands were re-granted by Cromwell and the new Proprietor name for each townland is provided here along with estate maps.

  • 1830 Tithe Applotment records for 35 of the 36 civil parishes. Re-indexed, correCavan Townlandsed and presented in searchable tabulated form for ease of access. Tenant names are provided in this record of church tax applied to the tenant farmers.

  • 1836 Name Book records for the townlands of 9 parishes first published in The Heart of Breifne 1979-1987. The nine parishes covered are: Bailieborough, Castlerahan, Crosserlough, Denn, Killinkere, Knockbride, Lavey, Munterconnaught and Shercock.

  • 1841 Census of Killashandra. Cross checked, correCavan Townlandsed and fully searchable data set. This a unique record of all inhabitants, their name, age, occupation, educational and marriage status and more. 1865 Griffith’s valuation records. Covers the entire of County Cavan. Tenant names are provided.

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